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Chronology of Earles

This is the chronology of the Earles from Lawson Franklin Earles born 1862 to Gamaliel Earles born about 1710.  In the next blog are the sources of information. 
Feel free to submit your dates and information and I will add it to the chronology. 

1653           A Gamaliel Earle is mentioned in the records of Northumberland County, Virginia
                   around 1653 along with William, James, George and Enoch Earle. 43

1710           Gamaliel born (BE)

1725           Gamaliel lives in Allens Creek, Brunswick, VA (BE)

1735           John Earle allegedly arrived in America and settled in Brunswick County, Virginia.
                  Still not  proven (JE)

1739           Gamaliel married Martha probably in Virginia – approximated (BE)

1740           Family moved across the Roanoke river to Granville County, NC but lived very
                   near the border and over the years family members also owned land and at 
                   various times, lived on the Virginia side.(JE)

1739           G. Earle signed his name to a document regarding affairs in North Carolina –
                   “commission and instructions of McCulloh” (Volume 11 pages 34, 41)1

1740           William H. Earle – son of Gamaliel - born presumably in Virginia (BE)

1742           Thomas Earle – son of Gamaliel - born presumably in Brunswick Co., VA (BE)

1746           Elisha Earle – son of Gamaliel - born (BE)

1746           Granville county established from Edgecomb county. (FHLC)

1749           10 Sep 1749  Elizabeth Earle – daughter of Gamaliel born presumably in Granville
                   Co., NC(BE)

1749           Living in Fishing Creek District of Granville County, NC (JE)

1752           James Earle – son of Gamaliel - born presumably in Granville Co., NC (BE)

1755           Obediah Earle– son of Gamaliel -  born presumably in Granville Co., NC (BE)

1757           ____lial Earles paid taxes in Granville county (Taxes of Granville Co., NC)2

1758           Sarah Earle – son of Gamaliel - born presumably in Granville Co., NC (BE)

1758           Gamaliel Earls paid taxes in Granville county (Taxes of Granville Co., NC)2

1759           William Eaton’s will mentions Gamaliel Earle living on his land 3

1760           Frederick Earle – son of Gamaliel - born presumably in Granville Co., NC (BE)

1760           Gemalial Earles pays taxes – one white2

1761           Gamaliel and sons were tobacco planters and on 15 May 1761 he purchased 493
                   acres located on both sides of Ready Branch of Smith Creek in Granville
                   County, NC  (JE)

1761           Gemelion Earles – taxes – oneAlso “Masters of fameless in Smith’s Creek
                   District – Gomalan Earles

1762           Jesse Earle – son of Gamaliel - born presumably in Granville Co., NC (BE)

1762           G. Earls sells land to John Howard and wife in Granville county 
                   (Granville Co., NC deeds Book D page 367)4

1762           Gamaliel and his son, William, are listed in the 1762 Smith Creek district tax 
                   record list and Gamaliel is identified as insolvent (perhaps because he sold the
                   land being taxed.) (JE)
                   “A List of Tyths for Smiths Creek District Gamelion Earles 2  and in his 
                   household Will Earles” 2

1763           Gamiliel Earls 2 tax list2

1764           Bute county established from Granville and Northampton counties. (FHLC)
                   Gamaliel did not move, he was just assimilated into the new county.

1764           Robert Williams Jr. 2 – in his household is Thomas Earls.

1765           John Earle’s  son, John and his wife, Agness and three children moved across
                   the Roanoke to Granville county and located less than 15 miles Southwest of
                   where Gamaliel was living.  (JE)

1765           John Earl, late of Lundenburg (sic) Co., buys land from Joseph McDaniel 
                  (Abstracts of Early Deeds of Granville Co., NC5 and Granville Co., NC 
                  deeds Book H page 534)

1768           William H. Earle (son of Gamaliel) married Elizabeth Bennett in Bute Co., NC (BE). 
                   This has been questioned by Bob Goff (BG) in that he believes William married 
                   twice and the second wife is Elizabeth. This is per insinuations in William’s will.

1769           William Earle Jr. – son of William H.– born 1769 Bute Co.,NC (BE , Rutherford Co.,
                   NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1769           Gamaliel paid Granville county taxes.  John Earl did also (Kinfolks)8

1769           North Carolina state census:  Gamaliel Earl in Granville County

1771           Gamaliel paid Granville county taxes (JE)

1772           Bennett Earle – son of William H. – born 1772 Bute Co., NC (BE , Rutherford Co.,
                   NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1772           7 January 1772, Jesse Gilliam deeded to Gamaliel Earles, both of Bute Co., 40
                   Acres on the West side of Henderson’s Swamp Creek.  Witnesses: James
                   Baskett, William Duty. A marginal notation on the deed: “12 Aug 1772 Deed
                   to Wm. Earles. (BG and Warren Co., NC Records p. 150)9

1772           12 Feb 1772  A deed from Jesse Gillam to Gamaliel Earle was proved by 
                   the oath of James Basket, a witness  (Bute County, NC Court Minutes)10

1772           13 Feb 1772, James Basket deeded to William Earles, both of Bute CO., 
                   100 acres (BG and Warren Co., NC Records p. 151)9

1772           August 19,  1772 the deed was assigned to William Earles. Gamaliel assigned
                   the Bute county land to William. (JE)

1773           January 11,1773 purchased wedges at an estate auction but is not on
                   later tax  lists.  (JE)

1774           Joshua Earle– son of William H. – born 1774-  Bute Co., NC (BE , Rutherford Co.,
                   NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1775           Gamaliel is believed to have died (BE)

1776            Pricilla Earle – daughter of William H. – born 1776-  Bute Co., NC (BE , Rutherford
                   Co., NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1776           William Earle may have been involved in the Revolutionary War.59

1777           Lucy Earle - daughter of William H. – born 1777 Bute Co., NC 
                   (BE , Rutherford Co.,  NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1777           12 Aug 1777 p. 33 A deed from John Earle of Granville to Edward Green was presented in court and it appearing to the court that the witness thereto were dead and out of the province, it is therefore admitted to record, on the oath of William Johnson Esquire by the passive hand of Frances Corbin, Esquire. (Bute Co., NC Court Minutes)10 11

 1777          12 Nov 1777, William Earls of Bute Co., deeded to William Clark of Northampton
                   Co. 100 acres, part of a tract taken by William Basket, dec’d . 
                   James Basket is a witness. (BG and Warren Co., NC Records)9

1777           James  Earle-son of Gamaliel b. 1752 served in the NC Militia 9th Regiment from
                   1777 – 1784.(JE)

1778           Daughter Earle – son of William H. – born 1778-  Bute Co., NC
                  (BE , Rutherford Co., NC  will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1778           11 Feb 1778, A deed from William Earls to William Clark was proved by the oath of
                   James Basket, a witness (Bute County, NC Court Minutes)10

1778           16 Mar 1778, Phil Hawkins Jr. entered 640 acres in Bute Co. “by virtue of
                   improvement purchased of Jas. Kimbell lying on waters of Fishing Creek, adj. lines
                   to Wm. Earls, Widow Baskett, William Duty, Jas. Baskett, thence to Granville’s line”
                   (BG and Bute Co., NC Land Entries)11

1779           Bute county abolished when Franklin and Warren counties were formed.  “Around
                   1779, the inhabitants of the counties of Bute and Granville, including a John Earl,
                   Sr., signed a petition” (BG and Journal of NC Genealogy Number 45)12

1779           Sarah Earle McDaniel -daughter of Gamaliel b. 1758 moved to Marlboro co., SC (JE)

1780           Pleasant Earles – son of William H. – born 1780 -  Bute Co., NC (BE , Rutherford
                   Co., NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1781           William Earls on Warren county, NC Tax lists60 He is listed in one place as insolvent.

1782           William Earles was in Montgomery county (BG and JE). Tax list for 
                   Montgomery Co.M.W.  McBee 51 52

1782           James Earle b. 1752 farmed in Mecklenberg Co., VA. 
                   So, did Obediah-sons of  Gamaliel

1782           Nathan Earles – son of William H. – born 1782- Bute Co., NC
                  (BE , Rutherford Co., NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1785           Elijah Earle– son of William H. – born 1785-  Bute Co., NC 
                  (BE , Rutherford Co.,  NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1786           Frederick Earle – son of Gamaliel b.1760  is in Montgomery Co., NC (JE)

1786           North Carolina state census:  a William Earl in Tyrell county, NC

1788           Margaret Earle– son of William H. – born 1788- Bute Co., NC (BE , Rutherford Co.,  NC 
                   will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1790           Census:  (
                   William Earles in Iredell County, NC
                   John Earles (two of them) in Granville Co., NC
                   John Earles  Rutherford Co., NC (Revolutionary War, erected Earles fort)
                   Jesse Earles in Granville, NC
                   Frjd Earls in Rutherford Co., NC
                   William Earl in Tyrrell, NC
                   Ann and Charity Earl in Chowan Co., NC
                   Elizabeth Earl in Pasquotqank , NC
                   James Erle in New Hanover, NC

1790           William Earles moved to Rutherford county.  They settled in the area that
                   would become known as Cleveland county (about 40 miles east of where 
                   John Earle of Frederick Co., Virginia settled around 1770) (BG page 5)

1792           William assigned the land deeded to him in 1772 to Obediah Earls 
                   who sold the 40 acres on 22 Dec 1792.  (BG)  Sons of Gamaliel

1795           Thomas Earle –son of Gamaliel b. 1742 moved with his children to Jefferson Co., TN
                   where Frederick  recently moved (JE)

1796           William Earles purchases land in Rutherford County53

1797           November court:  John Earl:  Agness (wife), John, Rebecca, Elisabeth 
                  (Granville Co., NC Wills Book 4 page 154 and Granville County, NC original wills)13

1799           Will of John Earl whose wife is Polly and heirs are:  John Earl, Berry and 
                   Elizabeth Crews, James and Sarah Crews, Marth Bird Earl, Rebecca Meacham Earl, 
                   Arvin Earl 1801 was account of sales and 1811 was another entry.
                   (Abstracts of Granville Co., Wills page 20)14

1799           “William Earle was among persons appointed as jurors to serve for the 
                    January 1800 term of  court.  At the January 1800 court on 13 Jan, William Earle
                    was listed as a member of the Grand Jury. At this same court Nathan Earle
                    was ‘appointed overseer of the Public Road…from Gregorys ford to
                    the Lincoln line…’”54

1800           William Earles – in Morgan, Rutherford, North Carolina (JE)
                   Also per 1800 census. Males:  one under 10 / three 10 – 15 / one over 45.
                   Females:  one under 10 / one 10 – 15 / two 16 – 25 / one over 45
                   Son Joshua also in Morgan, Rutherford county. 
                   Possible sons William and Bennett in Lincoln County, North Carolina

1800           Thomas Earle –son of Gamaliel b. 1742 moved to Washington county, Kentucky (JE)

1800           Rutherford County, NC census:
                   William Earles Males: one under 10, three 10-16, one over 45
                                        Females: five under 10, one 10-16,  two 16-26, one over 45
                                        Slaves: 2
                   Lincoln County, NC (neighboring county)
                   William Earles (son of William H. Earle) Males: two under 10, one 16-26, one 26-45
                                                                   Females: two under 10, one 10-16
                   Bennett Earles (son of William H. Earle) Males: two under 10, one 26-45
                                                                   Females: one 26-45

1801           Pleasant  Earles – son of William H. married Nancy Webb 17 Oct 180115

1802           “On 30 Jan 1802 William Earles purchased 100 acres land for ‘1200 weight
                   of good  marketable tobacco’ from Abraham Collins.  This land was ‘situated
                   in Lincoln County on the waters of Buffalo Creek…joining William Earles and 
                  Abednego Adams land beginning at a chestnut Earles Corner…’” 55

1803           April Court:  Will of William Earle naming children. William H. Earles dies
                   January1803.  (Rutherford Co., NC will abstract, and copy of will)6 7

1803           “Nathaniel Earles ‘son of Elizabeth Earles, and others,’ leased to their mother
                   the‘house where she now lives, what part of land she wants to tend for her own use
                   and half the peach orchard.’  Lucy and Margaret Earles, ‘daughters of Elizabeth Earles’
                   leased to her a ‘Negro wench named Cate.’ ‘Pleasant Earles gives to his mother all 
                   the land she wants to lease for her own use during her widowhood or her liftetime.’ 
                   The lease was signed 11 Apr 1803 by Nathaniel Earle, Pleasant Earle, Lucy Earle,
                   Margret Earle.” 55 (page 154)

1803           Names of the members of the Buffalo Church 1803 in Cherokee County, SC
                   Jamima and Margaret Hardin.56

1803           Birth of Martin Earles – son of Pleasant Earles and Nancy Webb Rutherford Co., NC

1804           Frederick Earle –son of Gamaliel b. 1760 moved to Adair Co., Kentucky (JE)

1806           William Webb’s will (Nancy Webb Earles father) leaves a will mentioning
                    Nancy Earls. Two purchasers are Pleasant and Bennett Earle 15

1805           Elizabeth Earls (widow of William H. Earls) marries David McDow 10 Jan 1805 
                   Bondsman for  the wedding was Nathan Earls. (Book M page 97)58 

1810           Pleasant Earles in Rutherford county, NC per 1810 census
                   Males:  one under ten years old / one 26 – 44
                   Females:  three under ten / one 26 – 44
                   Nathan Earles also in Rutherford county, NC

1812           “’Nathan Earls and wife Rebecca’ were among persons who joined the 
                   Concord Baptist Church which was one mile south of Bostic in Rutherford Co. 
                   and was organized in 1804 by delegates  from Sandy Run, Buffalo, and Mountain 
                   Creek Baptist Churches. “57

1817           Pleasant Earles in White County, Tennessee tax records (White Co. TN Tax)16

1820           Frederick Earle – son of Gamaliel b. 1760 dies in Roane county, Kentucky (JE)

1820           Pleasant Earls in White County, Tennessee per 1820 census
                   Males: one 16 – 18 / two 16 – 26 / one 26 – 45
                   Females: one 26 – 45
                   Nathan Earls also in White County, Tennessee 
                   (Pleasant’s brother – sons of William H.)

1830           Pleasant Earls in White County, Tennessee per 1830 census
                   Males:  one 5 – 10 / one 50 – 60  Females: one 40 – 50
                   Nathan Earles and Lyle Earls also in White County
1831           Thomas Earle – son of Gamaliel b. 1742 died in Adair Co., Kentucky (JE)

1835           Richmond N. Earles born – son of Martin Earles and Nancy England (BG)

1837           Pleasant Earles – son of William H. marries Nancy Pirtle in White Co., TN

1838           Elizabeth Caroline Earles born in April – daughter of Pleasant and Nancy Pirtle Earles
                  (White Co., Will book17  and 1850/1860 White Co., TN census18 19)

1839           William P. Earles born – son of Pleasant and Nancy Pirtle Earles
                   (White Co., Will book 16  and 1850/1860 White Co., TN census 18 19)

1840           Pleasant Earles in White Co., TN per census
                   Males:  one under 5 / one 60 – 70 
                   Females:  one under 5 / one 30 – 40 / one 70 – 80   
                   Also in White county are Harris, Nathan, Roland and William

1840           Margaret J. Earles born – daughter of Pleasant and Nancy Pirtle Earles (White Co., 
                   Will book17  and 1850/1860 White Co., TN census18 19)

1841           Probate of George Pirtle (father of Nancy Pirtle – Pleasant Earle’s wife) 17

1842           Celia Ann Earles born - daughter of Pleasant and Nancy Pirtle Earles (White Co.,
                   Will book 17  and 1850/1860 White Co., TN census18 19)

1844           Nancy Ann Earles born - daughter of Pleasant and Nancy Pirtle Earles (White Co.,
                   Will book 17  and 1850/1860 White Co., TN census18 19)

1844           George Pirtle petition to sell land – includes Nancy Earls among heirs 20 March
                   (White Co., Deed book N p. 424)20

1844           Pleasant Earles’ will written 14 Nov and recorded 2 Jan 1845.  Names children.
                   (White Co., TN Will Book17)  He dies November 1844

1848           Maranda or Melissa Earles – not sure how she is related but she is in the same
                   household with Nancy Pirtle Earles in 1850 – 187018 19 21

1849           Nancy Earles sues her step-son Martin Earles regarding slave named Moses 
                   (White Co., TN Chancery Court Minute Book B, p. 57)22

1850           Nancy Erls with family in White Co., TN Elizabeth C., William P., Margaret, Sarah, 
                   Malissa A.18

1853           Nancy Earles of Van Buren County sold land to John Swindle of
                  White county – 200 acres which were bequeathed to her by her late husband, 
                  Pleasant Earles 16 Sep 1853 (White Co. TN Deed Book R p. 400)23

1855           Nancy Earles ordered to sell land to pay interest owed and other court matters 
                  18 September (White Co., Chancery Court Book B)22

1856           Marriage of Richmond N. Earles to Mahala McBride (Mrs. Mahala Anderson) 
                  1 February White Co., TN48

1858           Mary S. Earles – not sure who she belongs to.  She may be the daughter of Elizabeth
                  Caroline Earles.  She is in the household of Nancy Pirtle Earles in 1860 and 187019 21

1859           Rachell F. Earles born – not sure who she belongs to but she is in the household 
                  of Nancy Pirtle Earles in 186019

1859           William Perry Earles born 3 April to Elizabeth Caroline Earles and ? (1860 and 1870
                   White Co., Census in household of Elizabeth Caroline Earles19 21/
                    Indian Pioneer Papers25)

1860           Nancy Earles with family in White Co., TN: Elizabeth, William P., Margaret J, 
                   Selah E., Malissa E., Mary S., William P., James F., Rachell F.  
                   Living next door is Richmond Earles (son of  Martin)19

1860           William P. Earles sold his interest in estate of father Pleasant Earles to O.H.P. Sims 
                   31 July (White CO., Deed Book U p. 72324
                   O.H.P. Sims is Margaret Earles future husband

1862           Lawson Franklin Earles born 25 November to Elizabeth Caroline Earles and possibly
                   Richmond Earles (1870 21and 188026 census in household of Elizabeth Caroline 
                   Earles / Death certificate27)

1862           Margaret Earles (Pleasant’s daughter ) made bond to prevent her child from becoming 
                   chargeable to the county. (White Co., Court Minutes, 1858 – 1865, p. 50528)

1862           W. P. Earls – enlisted as a Confederate in the Civil War (September in Sparta) 
                   25th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (possibly William P. Earles – son of Pleasant) 

1863           Nancy and Elizabeth Earles owning land together in District 5
                   (White Co., TN tax books)32

1865           Nancy and Elizabeth Earles owning land together in District 5
                  (White Co., TN tax books)32

1865           Margaret or Martha Evaline born July to Elizabeth Caroline Earles and ? (187021,
                   188026 and possibly 1900 30 census with Elizabeth Caroline Earles)

1866           Nancy and Elizabeth Earles owning land together in District 5 
                   (White Co., TN tax books)32

1866           Marriage of Celia Ann Earles (Pleasant’s daughter) and John Webb 4 June
                  ( – John Webb to Selia Earles)48

1870           Charles M. Earles born – not sure who he belongs to but he is living in the 
                   household of Nancy  Pirtle Earles in 187021

1870           Nancy Earles and family in White Co., TN:  Elizabeth, Maranda, Mary, William P.,
                   Lawson, Evaline, Charles21

1876           Lawson Earles accused of the malicious stabbling of John Whitenburg in White Co., 
                   TN (Minute Cooks Civil and Criminal Cases volume 9 and 10 White Co., TN31)

1877           Rachel Earles stated to be wife of W.P. Earles now deceased. 
                  (Chancery Court volume F page  50333)

1878           Lawson Earles has been charged with stabbing, claims not guilty, found guilty by a 
                   jury and fined $50, motion overturned and only charge $5.00, found to be insolvent
                   so fine paid out of the Treasury of the State of Tennessee31

1879           Nancy (Pirtle) Earles dies in December White Co., TN (age 66 of paralysis, 
                   born in Tennessee with father in Ireland and mother in Tennessee)47

1882           Perry Erls a clerk in Leadville, Colorado. Location 2: 4 144 w 2d 
                   Business Name:C.E. Pratt  Occupation:Clerk   Year:1882   
                   City: Leadville State: CO. ( – “Perry Erls”) 
                   In his biography he stated he went to Colorado for a time25

1882           Marriage of William Perry Earles and Mary Fannie Roberts probably in Oklahoma44

1885           Marriage of Lawson Franklin Earles to Jane Moore (Virginia Earles OK Death Cert34)
                   Date of marriage is approximated and record has not been found.

1886           Virginia Earles birth – daughter of Lawson Franklin Earles and Jane Moore
                   (Virginia Earles Oklahoma death certificate34)

1886           Marriage of Margaret J. Earles to Oliver H.P. Sims  2 September46

1888           Lawson Franklin Earles marries Isabelle Jane Day  23 December 1888 44

1889           Lawson charged with assault with intent to kill and larceny of one hog  March 8
                   in Oklahoma but tried in District of Arkansas (Ft. Smith Criminal Cases35)

1889           Essie Pearl Earls born 27 December – d. of Lawson and Isabella Day Earles44 45

1891           Beauna Vesta Earls born 2 February – d. of Lawson and Isabella Day Earles 44

1895           Mary Francis Earls born 6 May in TX–d. of Lawson and Isabella Day Earles 39 40 42 44

1897           William Larkin Earls born 5 January in Jefferson CO., OK – son of Lawson and
                   Isabella Day Earles40 41 42 44

1899           Ethel Soviller Earls born 25 December in OK- d.of Lawson and Isabella Earles40 42 44

1901           Elsie Ella Earls born 11 Sep 1901 in OK- d. of Lawson and Isabella Day Earles40 42 44

1906           Virgil Louie Earls born 16 June in Jefferson Co., OK – son of Lawson and Isabella
                   Day Earles40 41 42 44

1908           Lawson Ridley Earls born 13 March in OK– son of Lawson and
                   Isabella Day Earles 40 41 42 44

1908           Essie Parlee Earles (daughter of Lawson and Isabelle Earles) buried in
                   Cornish Cemetery,  Jefferson county, Oklahoma.
                   Born 27 Dec 1889 and died 31 Nov 1908.45

1911           Cornish News Cornish, Jefferson Co., Oklahoma 
                   December 22, 1911 W. P. Earls has accepted a position with the 
                   City Drug Store where he will be glad to meet his many old friends
                   and acquaintances49

1912           The Cornish News October 4, 1912  Hewitt News          
                   Mr. and Mrs. Perry Earls are attending the state fair  Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Earls 
                   returned from Ryan where they were awarded several cash prizes on different farm
                  and garden produce. They received premiums $27.5049

1913           Mary Fannie Roberts Earles (wife of William Perry Earles) dies 19 October45

1914           Marriage of William Perry Earles to Ada Williams probably in Jefferson Co., OK.
                   Married sometime between Oct 1913 and 1920 since William’s first wife 
                  died October 1913 and he and Ada are on the 1920 census in Jefferson County.
                   (Do not have marriage record yet)

1914           The real Rich L. Earles applies for Civil War Pension in Texas and is accepted36

1914           Death of Celia Ann Ridley 27 Sep 1914 White Co., TN daughter of Pleasant Earl and
                   Nancy Jones.50

1922           The Ringling Eagle Jefferson Co., Oklahoma
                   Feb 1922  W.P. Earles, orchard and garden expert, is pruning and dressing J.H. Dillard's 
                   orchard and vineyard near Ringling.49

1931           Lawson applies for a confederacy pension stating he was in the Civil War 
                   (he was born in 1862 and is impersonating Richmond Earls)37

1931           Lawson Franklin Earles dies 13 July in Billings, Noble, Oklahoma27 38 
                   Have picture of his gravesite with stone stating Losson F. Earls – 1862-1931

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